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The most detailed genetic map of the human retina has been created

A team of scientists from Australian institutes has produced the most detailed genetic map ever performed of the human retina. The same researchers hope that this study will help the area of ​​prevention and treatment of blindness.

According to Raymond Wong of the Center for Eye Research Australia and the University of Melbourne, one of the authors of the study, the study “provides unprecedented insights into genetic signals of retinal cells.” This is the first part of the eye that has been mapped in the context of the Human Cell Atlas Project, a project that aims to map all types of human cells to help the world of research in general.

In this case, the researchers developed a profile of all the main types of cells present in the retina and the genes they “express.” We speak, for example, of photoreceptors that detect light, of ganglion cells and of other types of cells with different functions.

“By creating a genetic map of the human retina, we are able to understand the factors that allow cells to continue functioning and contribute to healthy vision,” Wong said, stressing the importance of this result.