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Submerged shipyard of 8000 years ago found in England

A wooden structure dating back to the Stone Age has been analyzed by researchers from an English institute. The structure, almost intact, is 11 meters below the sea near the Isle of Wight, England, and had already been discovered in 2005.

However, several mysteries have enveloped this structure as the researchers, during the first years of analysis, failed to interpret the meaning of the platforms, walkways and various carved wooden structures found on the site, also because they were completely submerged.

The researchers of the Maritime Archaeological Trust have re-analyzed, also performing a 3D modeling, this 8000-year-old structure, the oldest stone-age wooden structure ever found in the United Kingdom, obtaining new interesting results.

8000 years ago, the area was dry land with lush vegetation. The researchers found that it is a platform composed of various wooden structures, often of different layers, resting on round wooden foundations arranged horizontally.

It is a wood processing so advanced that it was not thought to be connected to this era. The researchers believe it was a small shipyard for the construction of boats, certainly the oldest shipyard in the world ever identified.