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Lumbar back pain can be relieved with self-administered acupressure

Lumbar back pain, or pain in the lower back, can be relieved through the acupressure technique, also self-administered, according to a new study by Susan Murphy, a professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Michigan.

This same technique provides benefits very similar to acupuncture, as also specified by the researcher herself. Of course, instead of needles penetrate the body, just below the skin, in this case it is a pressure, which can be more or less strong, in specific points of the body.

It is not the first study that highlights the positive aspects of acupressure but it is probably one of the first to link it directly to this specific area of ​​the back. In the study, published Pain Medicine, Murphy, together with her team of researchers, explains how she performed the experiments on 67 people who suffered from chronic low back pain.

The participants in the experiments were divided into three groups: one treated with relaxing acupressure, another with stimulating acupressure and another, the control group, with the usual or traditional care they had received previously. The sessions lasted from 27 to 30 minutes and were performed every week for weeks.

Compared to the control group, in particular people who were treated with relaxing acupressure felt a lower level of pain and in general an improvement in that area of ​​the back after three weeks, as stated by Murphy herself. It is therefore a non-drug-based treatment option that can also be performed alone (just stretch your hands back in the lower back).

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